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Brother Chris’ new ride

Brother Chris just got himself a new CJ 650 that he can ride in the Jing. Considering the fact that Harleys and legal plates are super expensive (being a biker and not being a rich sucker ain’t easy in China these days…) the CJ is not a bad choice. In fact, many of our club members started riding CJs while being based in Beijing. Well, I guess riding the new bikes will feel a little less like you’re doing a big workout…

Righteous Brothers

EMC members Chris and JoJo finalized their book projects on three MCs in Asia. The book, which is not a commercial project and will solely be given to members and befriended clubs, contains interviews with members of Chosen Few MC, Philippines, Long March MC, China, and Expendables’ MC, China. We’re very proud of this work presenting the clubs’ histories and highlighting the core values of its members. Thanks again to everyone who supported this project!

Chosen Few MC Philippines – 25th anniversary

On Oct 26, 2019, Chosen Few MC Philippines celebrated their 25th anniversary. Great party with many clubs and friends.

And congrats again to Chosen Few MC. 25 years of brotherhood – a real milestone and achievement!




Blast from the past

Just found this pic from many years ago: riding home after a long night of drinking in our favorite bar in Beijing. My brain was about as clear as the pic 🙂

Soooo many fucking great memories…or rather, as the saying goes: “if you can remember, you weren’t there!”

Last Year

Another couple pics from our run in the Philippines about a year ago…good times!





New Ride

Brother Sasch’s new ride for the city. Perfect to get thru heavy traffic…



Visiting the Philippines with Brother El Bahne

Brother El Bahne visited from Germany. Had a great time in Manila and Luzon. Fantastic weather for riding, chilling and making new friends. What more do you want?



Good times in Manila

Had a great time with various clubs in the Philippines. All of them showed great hospitality. Chosen Few MC and Mad Dog MC were among them. An honor to hang out with these great guys!




Expendables MC Asia Run 2018 – Northern Philippines

We had our annual Asia run this February around the Chinese New Year. Usually we try to go check out a country we haven’t explored yet. But this year we decided to go for a second run in the Philippines. Once you get out of Manila, the Philippines is a fantastic place for riding and people are for the most part pretty welcoming to bikers. We were able to rent some “bigger” Jap bikes…unfortunately no Harleys, except for JoJo who rode his own Dyna. Four brothers of EMC went on the run and we had a blast as usual!

Check out the pics for some impressions!


Nice sunset around Baguio…pretty amazing ride. Even saw a Philippine eagle!


Get the ketchup, bro!


You sure this is the right way?

Tattoo Event

As we haven’t updated our blog for a while, we thought it’d be time for a couple nice new pics. Expendables JoJo and Chris visited a tattoo show South of Beijing a while back together with other clubs and independent riders. The tattoo scene in China is steadily growing and by now there are quite a few skilled artists around. Brother Chris got inspired and is now saving for his China-style full sleeve tattoo. Can’t wait to see your artwork, bro…Pics are courtesy of Club friend Chuck who came along to the event.