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Expendables MC Asia Run 2018 – Northern Philippines

We had our annual Asia run this February around the Chinese New Year. Usually we try to go check out a country we haven’t explored yet. But this year we decided to go for a second run in the Philippines. Once you get out of Manila, the Philippines is a fantastic place for riding and people are for the most part pretty welcoming to bikers. We were able to rent some “bigger” Jap bikes…unfortunately no Harleys, except for JoJo who rode his own Dyna. Four brothers of EMC went on the run and we had a blast as usual!

Check out the pics for some impressions!


Nice sunset around Baguio…pretty amazing ride. Even saw a Philippine eagle!


Get the ketchup, bro!


You sure this is the right way?

Tattoo Event

As we haven’t updated our blog for a while, we thought it’d be time for a couple nice new pics. Expendables JoJo and Chris visited a tattoo show South of Beijing a while back together with other clubs and independent riders. The tattoo scene in China is steadily growing and by now there are quite a few skilled artists around. Brother Chris got inspired and is now saving for his China-style full sleeve tattoo. Can’t wait to see your artwork, bro…Pics are courtesy of Club friend Chuck who came along to the event.




BBQ at Expendables MC clubhouse

Here are a couple nice shots from the BBQ we did a couple days ago at our Beijing clubhouse. Our guy Jimi went back to the States and we had a nice farewell party. You’ll be missed, brother. With the weather getting nicer, it is the season to ride and have some good old fun! The pics are courtesy of the club’s friend Chuck.


EMC bbq_2

jimiEMC bbq



You gotta love this country – a China Motorcycle Club in Vietnam

Another great shot of our boys El Bahne and VP (aka “Aces”) during our annual Asia run in Vietnam. Man, the north of Vietnam is just awesome for riding. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it up to Sapa where it had snowed just a couple days ago…but check out the view of the valley in the background…just incredible! As a China-based MC, we have seen some nice sceneries here too…But Vietnam just rocks!

Expendables MC Annual Asia Run 2016 – Vietnam

This year we went to Vietnam for our Annual Asia Run. What a great country to go on a ride with the boys! Stunning landscapes, great food, and decent beer. Although it was pretty cold, we hit the road up north after a couple days in Hanoi. We couldn’t find any big bikes in this part of the country and ended up renting some small Jap dirt bikes. We had a great time anyways (off-roading included). Another epic trip!

Expendables and OCC in Beijing

I just found this cool pic of our boys YoYo and Jimi with Paul Teutul, Sr., the founder of Orange County Choppers. This pic was taken a while ago when the OCC guys were visting Beijing and stopped by Seth’s Homeplate BBQ (Seth is on the right). Good times!

Expendables MC Annual Asia Run 2015

In 2015, we went to the Philippines. We had a great time there…The Handlebar in Manila is a great place and we had a nice chat with members of Mad Dog MC. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to rent big bikes in the Philippines (as is the case in most Southeast Asian countries)…so we made do with what we could find and rode along the coast…awesome! Had a nice patch-in party for our new member Chris, too. A great trip indeed!

Expendables MC Annual Asia Run 2014

A couple years back we started another great club tradition: Each year, Expendables MC members and friends will go on an annual Asia Run. In 2014, we went to Thailand and had a blast. Nick from LongMarch MC went with us. We also met a couple cool guys from other clubs in Chiang Mai. Great memories…or rather…if you can remember, you weren’t there!

Custom Saddle Expendables MC Style

Check out the awesome new saddle on the Harley of our member El Bahne. Expendables MC forever!

Winter in Beijing

It’s getting pretty damn cold and polluted in Beijing. It’s still nice to go out for a ride…for instance to the Great Wall.